Council President Report

We had our first Congregational Meeting last Sunday, May 22nd and it went well. The Lord is really using our facilities and helping our church reach more people. We also had a very funny Youth Fundraiser called "Kiss the Bunny for Money Honey," a cute twist on our tradition of smooching animals events in the past. Our church leadership and the Youth had red cups that people were invited to make donations into. Each of those cups represented an individual or the Youth Group. Whoever had the most money donated got to kiss the rabbit first. Everyone enjoyed the ORLC BBQ and played along giving money to the cup that they wanted to give the bunny a kiss! Our bunny, whose name is Molly, looked on with amusement. All were good sports as they gave the bunny a small peck! David Clark, Elder, held Molly. It feels so good to have our church family together; it was a great day and fun event.

During the meeting we nominated Cheyanne Hinkle to the Elders as Sue Porterfield is retiring. Thank you so much for your service, Sue. We still need a President for next year and a Financial Secretary. So please keep it in your heart if you would like to serve.

And please, on a more serious note, keep in your prayers all of the families and loved ones of all the children and two teachers that were gunned down in Texas. Being a Mom, a teacher and loving children I can’t imagine the sadness and loss they all must be facing. God, please wrap your arms around them and give them comfort and peace right now.  Like I said at the meeting it is an honor to be your President. Thank you all so much.

Jade Clark Church Council President