Galatians 5:1, 13-25

Last week we talked about life before Jesus and life after Jesus. We looked at the story of the man possessed by so many demons it called itself legion.  Jesus drove out the demons and restored him to his right mind and his community.  Paul tells us that the law serves as a guardian for us until we are set free through faith.  

Today we look at life after we have been set free. Will we return to the bondage of the law?  Will we use our freedom so that the sins of our flesh may abound?  Or will let the Spirit of the living God put to death our sinful flesh and let the Spirit guide our lives?

Of course the answer that will bring us peace is to let the Spirit of God dwell in us as we daily walk with Him.   Galatians chapter 5 lists several works of the flesh that will cause division between God, ourselves and others.  It lists nine fruits of the Spirit that are indicators that we have chosen to walk with the Spirit.

~ Pastor Dave